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Brainsway Safety

Generally, Brainsway TMS is safe for use in patients who have shown little to no improvement through the use of antidepressants, but the procedure should not be used if a patient has any metal implants in or near their head. Similarly, if the patient has any electronic devices in their head or body, TMS treatment would not be a viable option.

In clinical trials,  no systemic side effects were observed: out of 233 patients, there were no signs of lasting effects in 3 months of use. While longer term effects are not yet known, similar scans (such as MRI) have not shown negative long term effects. 

In 25% to 29% of patients, application site pain was observed, and headaches were reported in 47% of cases. Your treatment administrator should be informed if you experience any of these effects. Studies have not been performed on various demographics, such as those who are pregnant and nursing, have neurological disorders, or are below 22 or over 68.  

Other possible side effects include anxiety, twitching, back pain, and insomnia. Depression may increase temporarily before it improves.

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